L'equipaggio del B17 n.43-39338

Ramirez and Sibs 1933
Ramirez family wedding 1942

Ramirez wedding, 1942.

Ramirez and Niece 1946 central park

Ramirez and Niece 1946 Central Park, New York.

images/stories/lista_macr_pic.jpg Lista equipaggio The crew members named in the official Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) were assigned to the European Air Transport Service (EATS) in Weisbaden, Germany, and to the 61st Troop Carrier Group (TCG) in Eschborn, Germany. The EATS organized and provided planes, crews and flights in support of troop movment, diplomatic missions and civilian travel in Europe after the end of the war in May of 1945. The officers on this ill-fated flight were assigned to the Headquarters of EATS. The enlisted men were experienced airmen assigned to the 61st TCG. The purpose of this mission is still unknown. The exact route of the flight is still unknown. They may or may not have been together before this flight but they are now joined together for eternity as the wreckage of their aircraft was buried in the glacier and their remains were buried in common ground. images/stories/fordlfair_pic2.jpg Colonel Ford Larimore Fair Command pilot mages/stories/col.jpg Service Number:0-17029 Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on July 9, 1898 images/stories/upham2.jpg Upham Hudson Colonel Hudson Hutton Upham Command pilot images/stories/col.jpg Service Number: 0-19467 Born in Washington DC, on December 13, 1912 images/stories/cobb.jpg Maggiore Cobb Major Lawrence Lofton Cobb Co-pilot images/stories/maj.jpg ervice Number: 0-24736 Born in Camp Lee, Virginia, on April 28, 1920 stories/ramirez_pic.jpg 2nd Lt. Alfredo Doroteo Ramirez Navigator images/stories/liu.jpg Service Number: 0-2082524 Born in New Mexico on 1917 stories/gilbert.jpg John Edward Gilber M/Sgt John E. Gilbert Engineer images/stories/sgt.jpg” Service Number: 6990531 Born in Frankfort, Indiana, on 1921 images/stories/none.jpg S7/Sgt William Allec Hilton Assistant Engineer images/stories/sgt2.jpg Service Number: 38515193 Born in: Tom Green County, Texas, on September 5, 1921 mages/stories/dobovich_pic.jpg S/Sgt Zoltan Joseph Dobovich Radio Operator< images/stories/s_sgt.jpg Service Number: 33835227 Born in Pennsylvania on September 19, 1925 images/stories/billycassell_pic2.jpg T/Sgt William Seldon Cassell Assistant Radio Operator images/stories/t_sgt.jpg Service Number: 34896920 Born in Kokomo, Indiana, on August 30, 1925