Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National CemeteryThose few remains of the B-17 crew which were recovered from the summit of the Aiguille des Glaciers, although being unidentifiable as belonging to specific individuals, were buried on behalf of all eight of them in the Arlington National Cemetery in Washing DC in 1947. A single gravestone commemorates their sacrifice.

IThe families’ grief for the loss of these men – men who were sons, fathers, husbands and grandsons, loved ones who never returned to their families - is expressed by Col. Hudson Upham’s father who wrote in the family bible: "(Hudson Hutton Upham) died on a night flight from Naples, Italy to London, England. No trace of plane or 8 crew was ever found. Date of death: November 1 1946. Age 33 years 11 months. Cause: Unknown. Burial: In the hearts of those who loved him so tenderly. Hudson’s father, John Upham."

Upham cemetery place

Hudson's father

It was not until the summer of 1947 that the aircraft was discovered on Mont Blanc.

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