The Committee

The Committee for the Commemoration of the Crew of the B-17 of the Aiguilles des Glaciers was formally constituted on Thursday September 2, 2010.

It consist of:

Anne Lofton Cobb, Daughter of Major Lawrence Lofton Cobb Jr., co-pilot of the lost B-17.

Vice President
Francis Raout, Retired French Army officer, member of the first group of Infanterie Alpine to find the remains of the B-17 in July 1947.

Frédéric Blond, Coordinator of research on the French side.
Gianni Boschis, Geologist, coordinator of research on the Italian side.

Franco Bonetto
, Geologist
Pierluigi Duranti
, Aeronautical Engineer, coordinator of technical aspects and of research in the USA.
Edoardo Pennard
, Alpine guide, witness of the crash and finder of the propeller in the ‘70’s.
Ashleigh Hogg
, Aeronautical Engineer and former RAF pilot, technical analyses and document interpretation.
Erik Gillo
, videomaker and webmaster
Bruno Giardino
, Designer, design of the commemorative stone above the “Elisabetta” refuge.


Marco Bisazza
Philip Deline
Frans Ferzini
Aristide e Paola Franchino
Gianni Giai
Renato Giordanino
Roberto Guaragno
Martin Kirkbridge
Mario Mochet
Alberto Lanzoni
Enrico Martinet
René Mugnier
Roberto Orlando
Famiglia Pellissier
Enrico Romagnoli
Alessandra Roscio
Gianluca Strata
Sara Strippoli
Alberto Tanturri
Pier Giorgio Trettel
Lorenzo Venturino
Carlo Vespertino
Alessandro Viotti
Valter del Rifugio Elisabetta
GAVS Torino

Enormous and vital support has also been provided by Susan Harold, 2nd World War researcher and writer, thanks to whose determination and tenacity most descendents of the lost crew have been traced and brought into the initiative.

Among other things, Susan has assisted war veterans to write their memoirs and has long collaborated with families of USAAF crew members to better understand a war which was won thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of their relatives. She is not officially part of any military or Veterans organization, but works closely with military historians.


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