One of the B-17’s propellers is found

Today, thanks to the invaluable assistance of the Pellisssier family who made available a helicopter for us, Gianni, Erik and Carlo flew over the Estellette Glacier and the crest of the Aiguile des Glaciers, where Edoardo Pennard, an Alpine Guide, recalled having seen the propeller during the ‘70’s. Unfortunately, no sign of the propeller was seen during the morning’s flight.

In the afternoon a second flight was equally unsuccessful, but a final flight was undertaken despite deepening fears that the propeller had disappeared for ever, since it was certainly not where Pennard claimed to have seen it. When all seemed to have been in vain, the pilot spotted something far below – it was the propeller, which had unlodged itself from the cliff face and fallen about 200 metres, ending up on a narrow ledge above a sheer drop onto the glacier.

Winter was approaching. Even a light snowfall or a small avalanche was likely to cause it to be lost for ever. It was urgent that an attempt at recovery should be made.


Bourg Saint Maurice


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