Bourg Saint Maurice. Burial service

InumazioneYesterday, at Bourg St. Maurice, a touching burial service took place, with the inhumation of a tiny coffin containing a fragment of bone discovered last summer by Frédéric Blond. Anne Cobb, President of the B-17 Committee and daughter of the plane’s co-pilot attended the ceremony. Here are her impressions:

Dear friends,
Yesterday I was in Bourg Saint Maurice for the burial of the bone fragment reported by Frederick last summer.
The Mayor held a small but moving ceremony.
We first went to the Gendarmerie to have the bone sealed in the small coffin which the mayor had brought.
Then we went to the cemetery to place it in the ossuary.
There were a dozen people including representatives of veterans who wanted to be present to honor those who have restored freedom.
I really felt that after 64 years, I was finally attending the funeral of my father even though, of course, there is no evidence that the bone was his. But is the crew not joined together for ever? It is due to all your efforts that I have had his great happiness and I would like to express my gratitude.
We can count on the support of the City of Bourg for the ceremony next summer. The Mayor is a man of heart. I must see him again during the Christmas holidays.
The press was also present: the Dauphine Libere and Savoy. I will try to recover the items. We are all now awaiting the Italian-French meeting this summer.
With much love


Bourg Saint Maurice


Comune di Courmayeur

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