2010. Recovery of a Propeller

L'elica fotografata da PennardDuring the 1970’s, during an excursion on the Aiguille des Glaciers, the Alpine Guide Edoardo Pennant discovered the remains of one of the B-17’s four propellers, wedged into the rocks about 60 metres below the summit, in all probability very close to the point of impact.

During an aerial survey in the autumn of 2010, the propeller was seen to have become dislodged from its original location and had fallen into a narrow crevice at the bottom of a steep slope, right on the edge of a precipice. If it had fallen further, it would have disappeared into the ice of the Estelette glacier.

A few days later a “rescue mission” took place to recover it. Its new resting place will be as part of the B-17 monument close by the “Elisabetta” refuge..


Video of the recovery (by Franco Bonetto)


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