1979 - 1988 The glacier begins to reveal its secrets

In 1979 Glacier des Glaciers: two unidentified human body parts (spinal column, arm) are found. Recovery is effected by the Police (Capt. Lallement and Asst. Commander Bérard) and by firemen of the village of Bourg Saint Maurice.

No information has been divulged by the French authorities concerning the disposal of these remains.

In 1988 French and Italian sources report that the remains of two separate unidentified bodies have been found.

Vague information mentions the participation of USAF officers of the 40th Tactical Group from Aviano in the assessment ( the newspaper “La Stampa” states that the human remains were later transferred to the American military cemetery at Vicenza).



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René Mugnier (written testimony)

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Cutting from an unidentified French newspaper

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