1972. New discoveries

In the 1970’s, the first remains began to surface in the Estellette glacier, slightly above the Elisabetta Soldini refuge and were found by a group of mountaineers and by their mountain guide Edoardo Pennard.

Consequently Italian military police officers (Carabinieri) and a group of U.S. Marines undertook an accurate search and produced two reports that, so far, have not been made publicly available yet.

Articles in the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” report the identification of three people based on personal belongings and documents: two of them correspond to crewmembers (Major Lawrence Lofton Cobb and Sgt. William Seldon Cassell).

A third person (Col. H. Hay) mentioned by the press does not correspond to any of the crewmembers, but the service ID tag found close to a human body by the mountaineer Gianluca Strata is actually that of Col. Hudson Hutton Upham.



Newspaper “La Stampa”, Spet. 1st and 2nd 1972

Verbal testimony of mountain guide Edoardo Pennard (living)

Write testimony of Gianluca Strata (who mentions also his friends Stefano Cantaluppi being witness to the find)

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